Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well and not finding the effects of last weekend’s eclipse too distressing. 

This weekend is the start of a week-long and much-needed holiday for me, so this forecast covers the whole Waxing Moon period (until the Full Moon on 24 October ) rather than the week ahead. I hope that is OK.

King of Swords 

For the relationship: Communication is how you build stability in your relationship over the next couple of weeks with the King of Swords and Othala. Othala can sometimes mean a commitment that results in moving in together. Discuss your plans and wishes for this to manifest.

Othala with the King of Swords speaks of putting your house in order. The next couple of week can potentially be very productive for you. This combination also speaks of a need to ground your many brilliant ideas into reality and making sure that they can be implemented contextually in a way that benefits those who could potentially benefit from them. This is not a time to remain aloof.

In particular, think about how what you do/create now will impact future generations. Think about how you want them to remember you as part of their heritage. You are on a timeline somewhere in the middle, between your ancestors and future generations with the stuff you are creating now. Humility and gratitude for your bloodline and the gifts it has bestowed you with will help you move forward with integrity and a feeling of being rooted.

5 of Swords 

For the relationship: Intimate relationships are likely to be fraught during the Waxing Moon. Repressed issues could surface or if they don’t irritability could start bubbling through in partners nitpicking.

Gebo with the 5 of Swords addresses an imbalance in the flow of giving and receiving which is bound to lead to conflict in the next couple of weeks. You either feel hard done by, or someone will let you know that they feel hard done by.

There is no point in trying to avoid conflict – It’s on the cards… but with the 5 of Swords, you do have the choice of walking away once the confrontation has become apparent. You can choose to not become overly reactive and you can choose to take a time-out or even walk away completely. While you may not be able to create a win-win, you can at least avoid a lose-lose by preserving your own peace of mind too as high a degree as possible.

Ace of Cups

For the relationship: You could yearn for a deeper emotional connection but feel unsure about how to act on it… Or if you know what you ought to do, you could lack the courage to follow through. Please see the advice above for how to balance your Elements and raise the Fire.

Kenaz reversed with the Ace of Cups is a clue that there is an imbalance of the Elements now. Kenaz represents the balance between Fire and Water, and the Ace of Cups represents Water. Kenaz reversed shows a weakening of your inner Fire. This shows us in turn that the new emotional beginnings heralded by the Ace of Cups may be delayed due to an inability to act on your inner guidance.

You could be overflowing with inspiration and yet unsure of what steps to take. This can easily be remedied by raising your Fire. That is all it takes to turn the Kenaz rune upright. The key is to take one small step in the direction of your desire to break the inertia.

The Buddhist Card will Reveal if You will Be Lucky In Life or Not

Card 1:

The Buddhist tarot announces that a dream you had will come true in part. You will not be able to get everything you have in the dream, but you will have enough to enjoy it. You will feel very satisfied and fulfilled.

This tarot card indicates that by chance of fate, the following week's luck will be on your side. Take the opportunity to try to always do what you want. Although you will not be able to achieve everything, I am sure that a large part can do it.

You will correct a bad habit in your life. You have been trying for a long time to avoid that bad habit (sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, etc), and this year will be where you finally get over it and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Card 2: 

The Buddhist tarot tells you that the answers you were waiting for, will come soon. Meanwhile, it will be a time to be prudent and think things through.

You have to think about new responsibilities and reflections in your life, you will have to prepare yourself to make the right decisions.

If you maintain an optimistic and positive mood, success and your health will increase enormously, but you will have to be persistent in that mood.

The tarot card indicates among other things, a period of renewal, to start over again a failed purpose, when there was a staging point, to do things right by correcting past mistakes and achieving your goal

Card 3:

The Buddhist tarot says that you will experience an exclusive luxury within a short time and you will feel lucky. It is a luxury that few people can try. This will not change your life but the way of thinking, you could attract luck.

There will be some positive event that you did not expect and new possibilities for improvement in your life will open up for you. Do not hesitate and take advantage, it may not happen again.

You will receive the peace you are seeking. You will have the control of your life again and feel that the problems are finally happening. You will feel that your life finally achieves that harmony and peace that you have fought so hard to have.

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