The published date of this post is not important, as time and space is different in the Spiritual realm. You are being guided to this post because you are required to hear this message NOW in whatever time zone you are in and whatever space you are in now.

Nigredo and The Fool speak of a rebirth and the beginning of a brand new adventure. Unexpected events and bits of information are coming your way and while you may not know exactly how to deal with it all, you know that doing what you have done in the past is simply no longer an option. There has been too much water under the bridge. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches or to experiment. Never mind what the world expects from you now. Be daring and bold. You have nothing to lose. There was a time when the thought of having nothing to lose used to scare you. There was a time when you clung tightly to what you owned and your persona. You vaguely remember those days. You are free now. The best solutions for any challenges you face in the week ahead will come to you when you play, move (walk/run) or dance… as if out of the blue!
The Alembic with The Woodward (Strength). What you observe around you is mirrored within through the process of soul alchemy this week. Subtle tests are coming your way which demand your inner strength and compassion. Be sure to observe without judgment to see what you can learn. This is a week when you are likely to feel a bit like a caged tiger, restless and eager to move forward in leaps and bounds… but now is not the time. Be patient, watch and learn. Stay with the process. Get rid of restless energy through exercise and focus your mind through meditation. You are being prepared to take on greater responsibilities.
Quintessence  The Lovers speaks of everything coming together for you in the week ahead. Limiting beliefs and opposition melt away. There is harmony within and without. An important choice is coming up for you. Focus your energy and align your mind with your heart so that no energy is wasted. This is a choice that could serve to better align you with your soul’s calling… A choice that could change your life for the better… A choice that is supported by Spirit because it helps you to live more from the heart. Beltane (30 of April) is an important date to keep in mind and work toward. At least one aspect/stage of the choice you make over the next few days should culminate around Beltane, so plan ahead for that. An engagement, handfasting or commitment in love could also be on the cards.
Wow, so now that we have concluded that all three week ahead messages were Major Arcana Tarot cards, we can see a bit more clearly why it is so important to become super clear on what we wish to manifest in the week ahead. The energies are strong… and we are called to level up!


After you select the card, find the message below and read how you can improve your own future.

Card number 1

This card shows a time to retreat in the face of opposition that is too fierce for you to face head on right now.

This is not about conflict avoidance in general, but rather a tactical move to retreat and gather strength before you can move forward again. A confrontation now would not lead to anything good, so you must sacrifice your lust for vengeance, instant success or proving that you are right.

When the time is right and you are strong enough, the resistance and opposition will simply melt away. This is all about picking your battles wisely and not allowing yourself to be baited. Sometimes standing your ground means having to retreat temporarily. Do not interpret this as if the opposition ultimately has the upper hand – If you are on the side of Love, you will win in the end.

Card number 2

This Card shows trust issues in an existing relationship or the need to align with core values to stop attracting Mr/Ms wrong for those of you who are single and looking.

Ehwaz is a rune of relating, just as the 2 of Cups is a card of relating but Ehwaz is showing up reversed here, which brings more of the troubled aspects of relating and a lack of trust to the fore.

Ehwaz can refer to our trust in ourselves and life in general as well. Here, with the 2 of Cups, the focus is definitely on close relationships and could concern a close friendship as well as romance.

The advice is to take some time to realign and create a horizontal sense of trust with Spirit so that you have a firm sense of your core values and personal boundaries before you move forward again.

Card number 3

Your heart and mind are fertile with the riches of Spirit your fear of life’s difficult lessons is great lessened because of it.

This is a wonderful time to contemplate new beginnings and perhaps even a career shift that better aligns you with your soul’s calling, which is no doubt spiritual in nature. You are a guide to your people because you have navigated the underworld and brought back pearls of wisdom from there.

Believe someone the first time when they show you with their actions who they are. You are not obliged to place trust in those who do not keep their word.


Here’s a some more detailed guidance on reading the spread, and the way in which the various positions relate to one another.


Collectively, these cards will highlight people, situations or influences from the past that still have an effect on the Subject.  For example, if the Subject was hurt in their last relationship it is likely that they will fear getting hurt in the same way again and this may prevent them from entering into a new relationship.  These cards may also be trying to show the person that they have learned a lesson in their past that will be of use to them now.


These 3 cards will illustrate the current situation and key people who may bear influence.  Consider these cards against both the 1st card drawn and the center card to build up detail and to understand the Subject’s emotional reaction to a situation.


The natural follow-on, or outcome for the Subject.  It is really important to know that the outcome is based on what is happening now.  If the Subject continues to deal with their situation, in the same way, this is where they are likely to end up.  If a different approach is taken the future is likely to differ accordingly.  This should be a point of motivation for most people.

A lot of people seeking Tarot readings do so to know what is ahead of them.  In understanding what is stated above there should be an acceptance that the Subject has the ability to change their own future and shouldn’t always be taking a passive role.