Choose One Card to Reveal Message for Your Better Future

On Friday, A great time for starting something new that demands high energy, passion, and courage!

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” Thomas Jefferson

You Chose White Howlite

9 of Wands. This happens to be the Friday Motivation card as well…

This card puts the emphasis on releasing negative past experiences and any heavy feelings related to perceived past failures to regain your confidence and trust in life once more. You can turn any past experience into a strength if you have the courage to see it as just another learning experience.

You are stronger than you think you are and much of your strength has been gained through adversity, so stop beating yourself up and be done with the past!

You Chose Snowflake Obsidian

9 of Pentacles. Invest in yourself. Know your shit. If you don’t know your shit, learn your shit and enroll in a class that will help you master it. That’ll bridge knowing you’re shit and knowing your shit and will help you be the shit in the future. 

Invest in your appearance. Yes, permission to go shopping from the Tarot! The two key components to moving forward with confidence and conviction is looking and feeling good about yourself, shallow as that may sound. Remember, the best version of yourself is always good enough but don’t settle for less than best!

You Chose Red Jasper

4 of Pentacles. This week is all about laying a solid foundation for the future. Start with your own health if that needs seeing to. Sort out your finances. Make sure your bills are covered and that you have a support network you can rely on. This prep work may feel tedious at times but think of it is the hearth fire that will sustain all your future ventures or the walls that will keep you warm and safe during future rough weather.

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