Choose a Card to get Advice about Your Love Romance & Current situation

Take a look at these 3 symbols and choose your favorite, the one that attracts you most. Then find the explanation in the sequel and read the important life message that the universe is trying to send you.

You chose card no. 1

1. Patience 

Your life is perfect, thanks to the three best features you have: perseverance, positivity, and patience. Every day you face hundreds of different situations, some happier, others are sadder, but everyone equally helps you to progress.

It is important, however, to remember that any situation that happens in your life, no matter how simple or complicated, prepares you for what’s coming. For that reason, do not let the situation determine your attitude, but let it be your courage.

Focusing on working together with others will lead to opportunities and break-throughs on the love and relationship front. You could meet someone at work or through a colleague in the week ahead. Make sure to make a great first impression at work this week… because you just don’t know!

You chose card no. 2

2. Progress

Now is your time! It’s time to allow yourself to be happy, to allow yourself to progress, to rejoice, to love and to enjoy all those goodies that are currently in your fulfilled life.

If you really believe that you deserve it, you will get it, you just do not want to stop it. All good things start with just one thought and a small change – so always be positive and open to the opportunities that life offers to you.

You are perpetuating your own feelings of loneliness and isolation by focusing on what you don’t have. Change your self-talk and start reaching out to the people around you with love and compassion. It’s through making and maintaining loving connections with everyone around you that doors of opportunity will begin to open on the love and romance front as well!

You chose card no. 3

3. Force

You must start to believe in yourself. When things get tougher, remember that you have tremendous power, that you have important goals and that the motivation for moving forward is exactly the people you love most.

Where there is trust in oneself, the power of will and desire for success, miracles can happen. So let go of events that lead you through life and use every situation as best you can. Things are constantly moving, so do not stop.

Stop comparing your love life to that of others, especially if you are surrounded by happily coupled friends. There is no need to feel like a failure or as if you are somehow incomplete because you don’t have what they have. Trust that what you need is here for you, right now. Trust that the right one will come into your life, at just the right time.

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