The focus for this week is to allow love to begin to inform our daily habits more and more. This demands awareness of what we are doing that no longer serves us, so spend at least one whole day this week identifying things you do habitually which are either just time-wasters or downright destructive. Write these things down and then cross them out. Next to each bad habit, that you have crossed out, write down something you can do to nourish yourself instead.

You Chose Card no. 1

4 of Swords. This is a great week for you to start or deepen your meditation practice. Beware of how you use your time online – Spending too much time on social media will only increase your indecision. Tap into Source guidance instead and you will find yourself in optimal problem-resolving mode through this week.

You Chose Card no. 2

Ace of Wands means that the best thing you can do now in terms of loving self-care is to do that one thing you feel truly passionate about now. It doesn’t matter if you can see exactly where it will lead you at this stage. All that matters is that you begin. Make room in your schedule for this and count every day that you devote 20 minutes to your passion as a victory. Baby steps count!

You Chose Card no. 3

Knight of Swords. You are Truth Warrior and a rebel who truly needs a cause to be happy. The best self-care tip for you this week is to look into how you can involve yourself more with your community and contribute in meaningful ways. Just beware that making your opinions known is of lesser importance than actually pulling together and working together with like-minded people for the Highest Good.

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