Choose One Symbol to Reveal Your Spirit Message for Better Future

Set your intention and then pick which one symbol (1 – 6) stands out to you the most. Go with your first instincts.

If you picked 1:

It’s time to just let it all go, and give your trust to the universe. Instead of trying to fight against what is, simply take a step back and allow yourself to go with the rhythm and flow of life. You are being called on now to stop pushing your way forward and to accept the present moment and what is. Your next step will be revealed to you when you are calm, still and focussed on your true intention. Avoid making any hasty decisions, meditate and allow the stillness to guide you.

If you picked 2:

Boundaries are not a bad thing if they are constructed consciously and with guided intention. It is time for you to put some of these boundaries in place because too much of you is scattered! By having clear boundaries, you give your life a little structure and guidance which is exactly what you need to focus on right now. You need to focus on taking responsibility for things that are not going to plan and to stop spreading your time and energy amongst people and situations that are no longer serving your higher purpose. Its time to take inventory, as daunting as it all sounds, it will be your biggest ally right now. It is also the perfect time to clear out the house to reduce clutter.

If you picked 3:

You are on the right path! Although things may not always be clear to you, this message is to let you know that everything is going to be ok! You are walking your highest path now and although you may have many questions, the Universe is letting you know that you are guided and looked after. Trust that everything will work out perfectly and with divine timing. There is no need for you to worry about the future or the past, simply stay present in each moment and watch the magic of your life unfold! If you have a big decision to make, know the answer to your decision will be delivered today through a synchronistic message.

If you picked 4:

It is time to let go of the past. Too much of you is stuck on what was rather than looking to the now. While it is important to grieve and allow yourself time to heal, there is no benefit in re-telling the same old stories to yourself again and again. Leave the past where it is and look forward now. You are being called on to take the present moment into your hands and make of it what you can. The power is in your hands to change the future and the only way you can do that is by changing your awareness to the present moment. In order to release the past, try writing it down or confiding in a friend, allow yourself one last chance to re-hash the old emotions and then let it go. You will not be able to move forward until you do.

If you picked 5:

Things are moving forward quickly and its time to set some new goals and intentions! Life has been moving at a fast pace and it seems that things are finally gaining momentum, what a perfect time to set some new goals for this new chapter of your life. Start by going within and working out what your hearts desire truly is. Write down the things that make you happy and then go for it! While results may not be instant, think of your thoughts as a boomerang, shooting straight up into the heavens. While you are waiting for it to return to you, continue setting your positive thoughts and intentions. The message from the Universe is clear- set your intentions now for they will be delivered!

If you picked 6:

You are focused too much on the external rather than looking within. Deep within your heart lies the answers to all your questions but unless you still your mind, how can you hear them? Your head is full of clutter and your mind is confused, clear the thoughts on your plate for just a moment and looks within. Mediate, go for a walk, calm your mind and reconnect with the Divine. Spirit is asking you to look for answers within instead of looking for external clues or signs. The time is now to become in sync with the Universe and all that it holds for you and the only way you can do this is by reflecting within. Monitor your thoughts today but try not to engage or judge them, get back to your core self and be conscious of when your ego is at play.

Pick A Moon And See What It Reveals About Your Personality

There are so many personality tests that help in understanding the hidden personality of a person. Today, in this article, we bring in one of the creative tests which will reveal the unexpected side of your personality.

All that you need to do is pick a moon and find out about the unknown side of yours.

Pick a moon and it will help you discover the detailed description of your personality and it also provides a message for your life! So, if you are done choosing any of the above moons, then find out about the unknown side of your personality.

If #1 Was Your Choice…

If this is your selection, you are a person who is said to be capable of achieving goals and are success oriented. As a person, you are energetic and optimistic. On the other hand, you tend to give your best in whatever you do. Apart from this, your self-confidence is believed to help you overcome any stressful situation. You seem to feel the need to work endlessly to become successful steadily. As a person, you need to learn to be easy on yourself and see how things seem to fall in the right place.

If #2 Was Your Choice…

If this is your selection, you are a person who is said to be creative and perceptive by nature. There are chances that people around you start taking you to be practical and are comfortable to go out with. On the other hand, you are the kind of person who seems to have an emotional nature, as you tend to help those around you. All that you need to do is to take some time out and not indulge in any unnecessary expressing of emotions, as you tend to go overboard very soon and there are chances that this can backfire you! 11 Simple Changes In Diet To Lose Weight Did You Know Impure Blood Can Cause These 8 Major Diseases? Kamya Panjabi’s Eye-Catching Sari Will Give You Brand New Sari Goals Featured Posts

If #3 Was Your Choice…

If this is your selection, you are said to be a person who is full of energy, and there are chances of you being temperamental as well. As a person, you are known for your strength of character. On the other hand, you seem to be afraid of being betrayed in life, and this is something that you often do to ensure the well-being of your loved ones. Apart from this, you are a person who seems to be extremely choosy with whom you opt as your close friends. You tend to remember the good things that you do to others and expect it to come back to you.

If #4 Was Your Choice…

If this is your selection, you are said to be a person who seems to be sensitive and compassionate. As an individual, you have an immense desire to do good deeds for your loved ones, and at the same time, you also seem to crave for approval as well. As an individual, you tend to think about others first instead of thinking about yourself. You need to work on improving yourself and in polishing your abilities to become a perfectionist.

If #5 Was Your Choice…

If this is your selection, you are a person who is restless, and you love to find out about things, and this is something that defines your true nature. As an individual, you are noble and curious. On the other hand, you can do just about anything for your loved ones. As a person, you like to have great conversations with almost everybody. Apart from this, your mind seems to be full of ideas at all times, and this is what makes you different from the rest.

If #6 Was Your Choice…

If this is your selection, you are said to be a person who loves peace. What makes you unique is the fact that as a person, you are incredibly patient, and no matter what goes wrong, you tend to value your tranquility above everything else. While others enjoy the simple pleasures of their present life, you love to spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

Choose A Symbol To Reveal Which Phase of Life You Have Entered

When you’ve discovered the image that feels essential to you personally, scroll all the way down to learn extra about its that means.

1. The Athletic Part

Self-obsession and narcissism are essentially the most immature of all phases of life, mostly discovered amongst these at the moment within the athlete part. It is a time when persons are fearful about their look, their silhouette and all the things else. Due to their immaturity, folks reside on this part as if the universe revolved around them and solely around them. They’re blind to the struggles of others, and since additionally, it is an egocentric part, they aren’t actually fascinated about figuring out it.

Sarcastically, if narcissism is an important function of this face, it additionally consists of self-criticism and a scarcity of shallowness. Though they’re two extremes, they go collectively within the athlete part. The ego of an individual is bigger than life and it’s inconceivable to destroy it, or they lack self-confidence. They’re continually reflecting on their look and whether or not they have made errors in the way in which they determined to introduce themselves. Usually, persons are caught of their youth at this stage, however, so are those that have been raised by narcissists. The primary is extra egocentric, however, the second is just too self-critical.

2. The Warrior Part

While you hand over the athletic part, folks often enter the struggle part. At this level, they’re extra mature after they study that they’re answerable for the implications of their very own actions and that they take duty for these round them. Within the struggle part, studying begins. We study to use the information gained to enhance ourselves and the world around us. Some classes might be tough, however, they’re nonetheless mandatory.

Success, ambitions and the need to attain objectives additionally characterize this part. This isn’t referred to as the warrior part as a result of we’re studying to turn into fighters within the true sense of the phrase. We’re starting to limit our deal with this planet and the means to attain it. Slowly, our future plans crystallize and we’re experiencing nice private progress. The motivation to push tougher for these plans to turn into actuality can be mirrored on this part, and the knowledge you’ll study can be invaluable afterward.

3. The Declaratory Part

The declaratory part brings us to mature now by jumps and maturity. This takes you a lot additional than the earlier two and it may be tough to take care of all these modifications on the similar time. That is the part of life in which you’ll carry your individual offspring to the world. In the course of the earlier part, you discovered to take duty for your self and others. It is a good time so that you can obtain care of one other life. It may be scary, but it surely’s additionally a really thrilling time.

To have extra than simply youngsters and educate them correctly, in this part you additionally take into consideration what you permit them. You’ll notice how essential it’s to depart you a legacy you might be pleased with. That is the fitting time to evaluate all of your previous accomplishments and look at how they’ve affected your life, particularly these which can be essential to you. Whereas wanting your youngsters to honor you, you additionally need to just remember to are the type of mum or dad you might be pleased with once you name yours, and you’re able to make the mandatory modifications.

4. The Religious Part

The final part to reside in this life is part of the spirit. We notice now that the universe encompasses extra than simply the issues we discovered in this materials world. Whereas wealth, relationships, lovely objects, and achievements have been essential, your spirituality takes priority over all the things else. Greater than ever, you’re feeling your connection to the universe.

Our unity with our omnipresent spirit slowly develops in our consciousness and we turn into conscious that we’re solely beings transferring in house. Life is vitality and has no starting or finish. Anyway, the journey should proceed. After you have reached peace of thoughts, your life can be centered on illuminating your gentle within the darkest locations and offering meals and compassion without something ready for you in return. You will see that you’re striving to show and information others, in order that they, too, can enter this part of the blessing. It’s a finish, but it surely’s additionally a brand new and completely satisfied begin.

Choose a Crystal to Receive a Psychic Message

1. The sun will boil, at least it will be in your life.

Problems will begin to be solved one by one, the dark clouds will split over your head, and the sun’s rays will warm the face. 
Your inner satisfaction will be immense. Start clearing the clutter around you to make room for the new year’s gifts.

2. Most often you avoid the spotlight in the company, but today’s day will be different.

You will joke on your account, you will organize games and you will laugh contagiously, spreading a festive atmosphere around you. Surprise a beloved person with an unexpected visit to her home. Give her a small gift of great importance.

3. This day will make you more emotional than usual, so you will be inclined to make scenarios that will probably never happen and tear them down.

Stop it! 
Do not you see that no one around you is trying to hurt you, but to make you happy.
The world is wonderful, you just need to remove the veil from before your eyes and look at it as it is.

4. Do not tie the truth to people in sweet packing, because today they will need your sincerity, not your diplomacy.

If someone asks for your opinion, say it, without circumvention and reservations. 
Trust your instincts when you meet new people. The wolf is sometimes hiding under lambskin.

5. The attack is sometimes the best defense, but not today, not for you.

Today you will not feel at all that you need to defend yourself or hide from the world because you will feel loved in it. 
You will even see critics as benevolent advice. At the step of the new year, you will change as a person in a wonderful way. The world will suddenly become much brighter for you.

6. Adjust your expectations with reality so as not to be disappointed.

Today, realism will help you to save yourself from major headaches. 
Do not rely entirely on other people’s promises, do not trust strangers and do not expect success to come overnight.
Remember that everyone needs love. Spread it all over, without prejudice!

7. Traditions will be extremely important during this time of the year, so at any cost, you will try to nurture them under your roof.

If you are a family person, recreate for your family an event of your childhood that made you happy during the holidays. 
An ordinary conversation with your friend will open up a sea of opportunity in front of you tonight. Grab them without thinking.

8. You need to learn to accept the truth.

Today, someone will tell you what he really thinks about you and gives you tips on how to improve yourself as a person. 
But before you break out, telling him to look at his work, think, maybe those tips are precious to be rejected. Tolerance will improve your relationships with people in the upcoming period.

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