Choose A Card, And It Will Reveal Your Hidden Thoughts

This is the perfect time to take action in your life and begin making small, practical changes in order to bring more joy, abundance, love, success, and whatever other ways of being you would like to have more of in your life.  While this is a great time to take action and express yourself outwards, there is also this energy pulling us to go deeper within ourselves and to really connect to that heart center.


I am here to reveal to you what will tempt you.  It is delightful, this thing you are being offered.  And surely a little won’t hurt?  I am Fairy of the Divine Hand, and I appear to you when you are blinded to what you must see.  You know how it is….you start having a piece of candy, some soda, maybe a little junk food, then before long, you have more.  It may be another habit, such as judging yourself or others way too harshly, thinking negatively, or giving up too early on exercise and good health practices, that you are indulging in.  Gossip too falls under my domain.  While it can be wickedly delicious, it always leaves such a sour aftertaste.

Come and truly examine what is being offered to you.  Underneath this apparently harmless fun, spending, partying, distraction, or giving up too early on exercise and good health practices, and temptation lie disorientation and fear, and things may appear to be quite different than how they truly are.  But here……look and look closely.  Do you begin to see what will take place if you continue down this path?  Do you sugarcoat the possibilities of where this may end? Do not push down the feelings and warnings you have; instead, come a little closer, and look.

Do you begin to understand that what seems such a small thing may indeed change lives?  Take a moment.  Look.  Think.  Connect with your deeper wisdom.  Decide whether you will join in with what is tempting you, or whether you will watch a while longer and make the wise decision instead.

You know when this temptation comes that you do not need to flee, you do not need to indulge, you do not need to curse and berate this lovely, very earnest fairly with her clear message to stop, and truly look at what is taking place.  You know you simply need to pause.  Be quiet.  Clear.  And know now that one of your fiercest addictions is seeking you out, and you are wavering, caught in its delirium.  This is not an opportunity to escape.  This is your chance to break free!


Deep within, you know what is true and what to do (or not do).  Yet there is so much noise and distraction in the world, and even at times in our own minds, that listening for our inner wisdom can seem like trying to hear gentle birdsong in the midst of a rock concert.  Even so, you are hearing an inner truth, and deep down, you know it.  Can you trust that it is safe to not only hear your inner voice but act on it too?

There is something that you know.  You’ve felt, sensed, heard or realized this truth more than once.  Even if others see or feel differently, you just know what you know, even if you don’t quite know how you know it!

Give your truths value.  Hold your feelings and insights in high enough esteem to pay attention to them, to give yourself time to process what you think, feel and sense.  Know that they’re worth acting on, even if that action just means to trust more and stop worrying.   If you cannot figure out what your inner truths are, or you feel confused by conflicting thoughts and feelings, torn between head and heart, then you are in a state of information overload.  You need to switch off, discharge some excess mental and emotional energy and take a break.  Give yourself some time out from the crazy noise and constant distractions of the world so you can get in touch with what is true for you.


I am He who is the hunter, the sage, the father, the provider, the protector.  I am he who watches over his people and does his best for his family.  I am He: your brother, your father, your husband, your son.  I am sheer powerful masculine energy and I am the lover of the Goddess of the Dragonfae.  Together we create wholeness,  apart we wander alone and are more easily wounded, even destroyed.  I have a role: to care for others, to use my physical strength and to use my attributes to fight for those I love.  And I will do that.  I am King and Emperor and God…and I care for you.  Do not fear me: I would not hesitate to sweep you into my arms and hold you.

I love you, but know that my role here takes me away many times from all the love and playfulness that still lives inside of me.  Trust in my actions.  See the truth and choose a partner who is in action a strong and caring manly man. Think of some of your positive experiences with men this lifetime: from moments with your father to times when a man has acted honorably.  Now, from those examples, begin to allow more of that version of masculine energy into your life.

Gradually, let’s change your ingrained and sometimes negative beliefs about men…and when Pendragon walks in, he demands that you treat the men he sends your way with respect and honour….just as he will treat you in return.  You will notice that ignoble men no longer have a place in your life and that you are no longer attracting them.  Indeed, Pendragon wonders why you would waste your time with people who do not behave in a noble fashion, and he does not want you to be involved with men who behave deceitfully, who are fearful of their own power, or who take advantage of members of their own family or their partners.

Choose a Symbol to Reveal Something Interesting About Your Character

Take a look at the following 6 rounds and choose the one that attracts you most, and then discover interesting things about your character and the way you make your decisions.

1. You are thinkers.

You look a lot, both yourself and others. You are a person who goes to everything or to nothing. They can not understand you all, so you often encounter misunderstandings and quarrels. On the other hand, you create really intimate relationships with true friends.

In love, you pay attention to sincerity and devotion, and this is precisely the most important thing for a long-term relationship. It is important for you to feel loved because otherwise, you isolate yourself until you recover from disappointment.

2. You are creative

You need the freedom to be happy and do not feel like you are choking. You are individualists and want to do things yourself, instead of waiting for help from others. You have gifts that help you to stand out in the art world.

You do not like it when people lie to you. so you always give priority to those who are sincere and authentic towards you. You remain faithful to your views and beliefs to the end, even if it begins to complicate your life.

3. You are energetic

You were born to be leaders! Adventure is your middle name. You want to spread your boundaries and be part of everything that looks attractive and interesting to you. That’s why you never run away from the unknown or the mysterious.

You do not want a routine, so you try to spend it every day in a different way than the previous one. Even when you are forced to live with some kind of routine, you see things from another perspective.

4. You are relaxed

Loneliness, serenity and a sense of peace define you. You are very reserved. When you decide to socialize with people, you want to spend time with those who really mean you and share the same features as you.

You do not like the strict limits or rules that do not allow you to be the person you really are. That’s why you are constantly struggling to break into the right light, and in addition, you retain only those who appreciate it.

5. You are practical

You are a serious and hardworking person whose image really matters. Your honor and dignity are above all else. They know you as a responsible person who is always aware of the consequences of your actions.

The opinions of others are very important to you, so always listen carefully. You never act without thinking and you acknowledge mistakes and failures, trying to constantly improve in everything you do.

Choose An Eye And See What It Reveals About You

The eyes are not only the window to the soul but a key component in the evolution of emotions. When we are afraid, our eyes become wide, and when we’re angry or disgusted our eyes tend to squint. Have you ever noticed this? Nonverbal body language tells more truth than words do!

New studies prove that the eyes, as most believe, answer everything. In the study hailing from Cornell University, neuroscientists believe that our faces govern certain expressions depending on varying emotional situations. 

“These opposing functions of eye-widening and narrowing, which mirror that of pupil dilation and constriction might be the primitive origins for the expressive capacity of the face,” said study author Adam Anderson, via a press release.

“And these actions are not likely restricted to disgust and fear, as we know that these movements play a large part in how perhaps all expressions differ, including surprise, anger, and even happiness.” Anderson believes that facial expressions are not just limited to social interactions and situations, and the facial expressions, alongside emotions, can adapt and react to the environment as well.

You can tell a lot about a person’s life and their personal traits by their eyes. On the other side, they may also say a lot about you as well. Take a sneak peek at the images given. Do not stand aside: just pick the eye that seems to draw you in the most.

Now, let’s discern what your choice tells about your personality!

You are drawn to eye no.1:

You’re the open, kind spirit. You welcome everyone into your life no matter how it comes: whether it walks, slithers or crawls. You’d rather take risks and get hurt than keep yourself locked away. Helping others is a high priority for you.

You are drawn to eye no.2:

You’re the assiduous one. You’re always looking to do the right thing for your community and the world. You know your actions make a difference, even if they’re on a small scale. You believe that being proactive is the “rent” you pay for living on this star planet.

You are drawn to eye no.3:

You’re the troubled one. Your past was likely unrestrained, so still impacts your life today. You might feel like life is a practical joke being played on you and you struggle to come to terms with this. Despite this, you’re capable of picking yourself up when you stumble and fall and can have a sunny disposition. You’re a beacon in a demon-haunted world.

You are drawn to eye no.4:

You’re the wizard. Just like philosophers, you look for deeper meaning in things or beneath the “silver lining”, but are still comforted when something can be taken at face value. You’re confident in your ability to solve the puzzles of this life. You may not figure it all out, but that’s the challenge, isn’t it?

You are drawn to eye no.5:

You’re the enigmatic type. You haven’t figured yourself out yet, which makes you fairly shadowy to the people around you. You don’t mince words, you like to talk straight. You don’t speak unless you’re positive about what you say.

You are drawn to eye no.6:

You’re more of a sensitive, thoughtful person. You pay attention to small details and rarely forget anything, even if it’s something silly or pointless. You’re quite weak and uncertain, but you never show it. You have a strong intuition and often are the first to feel trouble coming.

You are drawn to eye no.7:

You’re a fiery, action spirit. You’re energetic, passionate, and perfect for “steering” roles. You are very opinionated, too. And you’re definitely thrilled for high stakes.

You are drawn to eye no.8:

You’re the “looney” one. You have unusual interests, practices, and beliefs. You were probably called a “weirdo” at your tender age. Don’t sweat it, these may seem like insults but they’re what makes you one of a kind. You laugh off tradition and never confirm – you are the maverick type!

You are drawn to eye no.9:

You’re the intuitive one. You understand people, cultures, and even the whole world well. You can read people like a poem and know when you’re being lied to by them. Your every action is measured and you don’t manipulate easily. At the same time, you can play puppet master well, though we don’t recommend that kind of behavior at all.

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