Pick a Moon To Receive a Spiritual Message

Look at at the 6 moons presented. Choose your favorite moon. And then discover the detailed description of your personality and a message for your life.

1. Efficient and achievement oriented.

You characterized yourself as an energetic, optimistic person with a lot of self-confidence. You feel that you must work constantly in search of safety. And you want to create a base of the material well being because you consider that safety comes as a result of work and a stable home. Your main challenge is to be more tolerant of yourself because you can become a relentless and strict judge. Pay attention to how you treat yourself when you make a mistake; the words you use and the things you do. Respect yourself, accept your mistakes. And work with love and determination to solve them. It's much better to become the achiever of your dream than your own executioner.

2. Creative and perceptive.

You characterize yourself as a practical, kind, emotional person. Who enjoys the most exquisite things in life. You are very connected to the sensuality of the material world, and you like to build aesthetic and emotional environments. You have the tendency to: stay until the early hours watching movies or listening to music. Eating more, or eating junk food. Which all in all decreases your energy levels. A little moderation in the intensity of what you assume life. And a little more organization of your time and energy will help you to intensify the brightness of your life, your work and everything you create.

3. Energetic and tempered.

You characterized yourself as a person who yearns to have confidence, the strength of character and be important in the world. You are a great provider that always tries to maintain the good conditions, to ensure your well-being and that of your loved ones. You consider friendship as a pact of mutual protection which makes you decidedly loyal and very afraid of being betrayed. And that is precisely where your great challenge lies. Which is trust? You are constantly distrusting which can terribly be exhausting to your energy levels. You are characterized by choosing your company very well, therefore, give your trust to others without fear, with confidence, kindness, and without reservations. Because everything you give will always come back to you. In this way, your life will be much more calm, full, happy and satisfying.

4. Sensitive and compassionate.

You have a great desire to do good deeds. Ans you feel satisfied when you do them. Therefore you became a very kind person who generally focuses on meeting the needs of others. For this reason, sometimes you aren't rested enough or you're not taking time to fulfill your own desires and needs. Many times you build your image through others which could generate some kind of dependence. And that's precisely where your great challenge lies. Which recognize your importance, your talents, and your value. You are a person with wonderful talents and feelings. Allow yourself to explore them. Use them and build wonderful things in your life with them. Helping others is in your nature. But sometimes you just have to think for yourself. To become well, full, satisfied and happy.

5. Restless and researcher.

You characterized yourself as a cultured person, noble, observer, curious and very objective. And although you can be very friendly and engaging in conversation, you prefer to stay with your loved ones, or simply spend quality time alone. In your mind, there is usually a great flow of ideas, and for this reason, you sometimes suffer from insomnia and stress. Your greay challenge is to listen to your intuition more. The voice of your heart that you hear in your mind and prepare your mind to live in positive harmony. Because the more you do it, the faster you will eliminate the obstacles and ideas that prevent you from reaching true happiness in your life, and to becoming honest, full and satisfied person. Remember, that if you allow your heart to be your compass, your mind to be your map, and your soul to be your guide, you will never be lost.

6. Harmonious and pleasant.

You characterized yourself as a patient person, who values tranquility very much. In some cases, you even prefer to have peace of mind than to be right. You are a person that enjoys simple pleasures of life. Stay at home to watch a movie, meet in a quiet park with family or friends, or go to a small nearby restaurant. You are a very active and skilled person. But you want to escape from the conflicts of the world and the hectic phase. You spend a lot of time thinking about the future that generates a lot of anxiety and that's where your great challenge lies. How many times have you ruined a good day thinking about some things that never really happened? To continue thinking about future diminishes happiness, effectiveness, and energy levels while connecting with your present will help you to be the owner of your life.

Pick a Feather and We will Reveal What you Truly Seek and Desire

Observe carefully and pick a feather. The choice you make will reflect your personality and reveal what you truly seek.

1. Change

If this is the feather you have picked, you feel trapped in your life. You feel as if you're doing the same old things and your life is going in circles. You crave a change. You wish to find something which will make you happy and not feel like a burden. You seek variety in your life.

2. Stability

If this is the feather you have picked, you feel lost and distracted. A lot of things are happening in your life and you are just going with the flow. You start off with something and you lose focus midway. You seek stability in your life. You desire the power of concentration and the ability to focus better.

3. Love

If this is the feather you have picked, you are someone who loves deeply. You care immensely about the people you love and you remain loyal to them no matter what. But, you never get even half of what you give away and it disappoints you. You want someone to love and appreciate you like how you love them. You seek true and genuine love.

4. Positivity

If this is the feather you have picked, you've faced troubles almost all your life. You have been living in the gray zone for so long, you're tired of it and you need an escape from the negativity. You wish to have colors in your life, to feel happiness again. You seek positivity and happy vibes.

5. Inner strength

If this is the feather you have picked, you're confused and having trouble making decisions. Your brain says something and your heart says the other. There is something you really wish to do but you are not able to because you can't make up your mind. Your fears are holding you back and you wish you could overcome them. You seek inner strength. 

6. Simplicity

If this is the feather you have picked, you are someone who feels overwhelmed by the complexity of life. There's a lot happening in your life and you feel suffocated. You've been hurt so many times you've lost count. You're tired of all the fake people and materialistic things in your life. You seek simplicity and simpler times.

7. Peace

If this is the feather you have picked, your life is in chaos. There's a new drama every day and you're tired of the routine. You're super stressed and there's a lot of pressure on you, both because of your work and family. You feel trapped and you just wish to run away from your problems. You seek peace.

8. Spark

If this is the feather you have picked, you wish for a spark in your life. Everything feels dull and boring in your life. You are tired of the same old people and the same things around you. You crave thrill and excitement. You wish for something which will boost your spirits and make you feel alive.

Pick a Star to Get Advice about Your Current Situation

1. The Tranquil

Simple pleasures in life give you the greatest joy, which makes you a pleasurable and easy person to be around. You’re not needy or demanding. You’re perfectly content in a quiet and uneventful environment, such as sitting on the sofa with a friend watching television or a date that’s just a walk in the park. Tranquility, peace, and harmony are what you surround yourself with because you hate the hectic chaos of the world, but you spend a lot of time thinking about the ‘what ifs’ as they apply to the things you aspire to be, do, and see out in the world.

What you may be ignoring is how the ‘what ifs’ are detrimental to your health, well-being, and productivity. You have a lot of untapped skills you’re not utilizing. This likely frustrate you; makes you anxious; and makes you turn to spend hours upon hours pondering the ‘what ifs’ of yesterday and tomorrow for solutions, right? Spending all this time on what might and could diminish your energy, effectiveness, and incentive for productivity. Try staying in the current present moment. What, as the owner and captain of your own life, can you do right here and now to make yourself useful, happy, fulfilled, or enlightened?

2. The Wonderer

This peculiar world amazes your curious mind. You likely find your mind is always wondering and wandering, which has led you to become quite versed on an array of topics. In a constant state of observing and research, you’ve likely become quite cultured and mannered. Yet, you may often wonder why you seem so emotionally unintelligent to others. While you can be friendly and certainly converse in almost any circle and your mind may be a wanderer, you probably physically prefer to be alone or with your closest loved ones. This is likely because you get a sense that those who don’t know you very well either don’t understand you or become intimidated by you.

What you may be ignoring is the stress and sleeplessness caused by your overbearing mind. You rely almost solely on your mind to do life’s work and play. It’s tired, and it needs help. Your mind, heart, body, and soul should all be in positive harmony with one another. Your mind may be able to overcome obstacles alone, but such can be solved much quicker and easier when you allow your heart and soul intuition to give your mind a helping hand. Plus, your intuition can often counteract the worldly notions that often bog down your mind and lead you astray from reaching your own true happiness and satisfaction. Try using your heart and soul as your compass and your mind as a guide to be less stressed, more rested, and greater satisfied.

3. The Compassionate

Your sensitivity to the world’s plight makes you an extremely kind, generous, and loving member of society. You have a gravitational pull to meet the needs of others you see aren’t being met otherwise. You might have only enough to get yourself through the week, but, if you see someone hungry, then you’ll sacrifice your own meal so that they won’t go without. Your selflessness in life is the most noteworthy characteristic people use to describe you.

What you may be ignoring is that you have your own desires, needs, feelings, talents, and life in general to live. You can become so hyper-focused on others that you lose who you are, fail to nourish your own life to thrive, and even become dependent on living vicariously through those you help. Take time to remember your own unique importance, explore and utilize your talents, and build your own environment of well-being.

4. The Achiever

Your life history is goal and achievement-oriented. Efficiency is a companion that follows you. A healthy amount of self-confidence is fueled by your energetic, outgoing, and optimistic outlook on whatever your plate may hold at the moment. You favor safety and stability over letting the good times roll you away, and you’re willing to work extremely hard to create an environment you feel you can thrive within.

What you may be ignoring is that you are often your own harshest critic and personal execution squad. Be more kind to yourself when you make a mistake. Perfection is an unobtainable goal because it simply doesn’t exist. So, set your goal to be the best you possible, not an imaginary infallible version of yourself that you’ll never achieve. Learn from your mistakes, and allow mistakes to be yet another fuel you use for achievement.

5. The Creative

Your environment is highly aesthetic, tangible, and emotionally-based. The astute, tender, and emotional side of you makes you very conscious. However, your sensuality leads you toward excess and materialistic endeavors over practicality. Life is likely a high and low rollercoaster of self-indulgence and altruism toward others.

What you may be ignoring is that the excesses in life may be holding you back from your full potential. Do you spend long hours at play, overeat, or overly indulge in pleasures? All of the excesses can easily drain your energy, productivity, and creative juices. It dulls your natural brightness and stifles your time management of life. Try moderation and bringing down the intensity so that you have the energy reserves for the things that will further you in the long-run of life, not just give you instant gratification.

6. The Energetic

You have a zest for life and a strong character to help you juice whatever lemon or lime you’re given. Your even temperament makes you a steady and reliable worker, mate, and friend. Your energy translates into maintaining an environment of well-being for yourself and loved ones; you want to ensure everyone has everything they need. There’s a strong sense of loyalty when it comes to choosing who you surround yourself with, and your relationships are never something you take lightly nor for granted.

What you may be ignoring is that your strong sense of loyalty could be making you very standoffish to and distrustful of the unknown. Without risk, can there be a reward? Your greatest internal fear is betrayal, and that often includes a betrayal by your own senses. Being distrustful can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, and you often don’t even consciously realize how this constant state of on-guard is impacting your life, health, and happiness. Add calmness to your life by giving some leeway for innocent until proven guilty. Add fullness to your life by entrusting your own senses as a capable and trustworthy judge and jury. Some risks are worth taking.

7. A new beginning

A new beginning is upon you. Your energy is becoming renewed and blessed by the grace of the Universe. You will face new exciting journeys that will take you down roads you have yet to travel down. You won’t do this alone.

Imagine that you are the shore of a beach. There is a new wave of positive energy and life coming straight for you. It’s going to come crashing into your life. Be patient whilst you await its arrival.

Patience is the hardest thing that you have to face as of right now. You do not need to make any huge decisions while you are awaiting this new energy. If you have any unsettled disputes between you and another person that you’re aware of, now would be the time to come to an agreement with that other person. It’s okay to not like each other or even not agree with one another.

Keep the peace within your life during this time period. Even though you have new energy of life coming straight for you, you must stay quiet and tamed within your own mind. It’s okay to become hesitant on what you’re doing, if it’s truly worth it, and if this is what you truly want. Do not cause commotion within your days because you have questions that you are unsure what the answers are. If you cause commotion within your days you will only become more hesitant to wait for this new wave of energy to come to you.

8. Your Happiness

Your happiness hasn’t been fulfilled to it’s highest potential lately. Today is the day that you are going to begin to look forward to your happiness being fulfilled. Forget about all of those what-ifs and how-tos that crowd your mind when you are dreaming of where you wish to be. Trust in yourself and the Universe/ Source/ God that it will be provided for you.

Money may be an issue for you or has been an issue with you, but all you have to do to end that cycle is to stop worrying about the flow of money. It will come and it will go. It will never stay one way or the other. Some days will be better than others while others there seems to be light to it coming back your way. This is completely normal and it’s going to take you some time to understand better, but it’s well worth it.

By ending your worry about money, and about you’re going to get to where you wish to be you’ll be setting yourself up for a brighter road. When you worry about these concerns of yours you tend to set your happiness aside. So by stopping this, your happiness is going to rule your concerns out. Which means you will no longer be controlled by the inevitable.

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